FOAM Aggregators

There are 2 great sites to help you get a handle on what’s out there in the FOAM world


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Google FOAM

This is an excellent searchable database of the FOAM world using a specially tailored google search engine.



Text Expander Plug In – Example

The Text Expander plugin is apparently improved version of the plugin by Dragon Design.

This handy plug-in allows you to hide text which expands upon clicking on particular text.

An example is below:

And now you are reading more, because you clicked the previous text and the Text Expander plugin is working.

The code used for this very simple and is shown here

Proof of Concept: Video Embedding – Laryngoscopy Video

This is an excellent clip from Scott Weingart of Emcrit using a video laryngoscope to demonstrate the key steps of laryngoscopy.

Note he uses the bimanual laryngoscopy method (aka External Laryngeal Manipulation) where the intubator uses the right hand to manipulate the thyroid cartilage to optimise the view. However in addition to the standard bimanual method Scott also uses bimanual manipulation to aid the passage of the laryngoscope blade into the valecula. This is an interesting extension to the traditionally described bimanual method of laryngoscopy.