Podcast – Proof of concept

This is a test podcast to illustrate my ability to record and publish a podcast on line to satisfy a learning objective.

Of note I have produced a more detailed podcast, which was the 3rd in a series published on the Broomedocs website on PE, but this was too large to upload to this site, so I just produced a short test podcast below.




FOAM Aggregators

There are 2 great sites to help you get a handle on what’s out there in the FOAM world


First select your language. You can either:

– review the RSS feed live on the website

– Add this website to your RSS reader.

– Subscribe to email updates in the box on the right to get a daily summary of the FOAM world posts that are part of the RSS feed.


Google FOAM

This is an excellent searchable database of the FOAM world using a specially tailored google search engine.



Text Expander Plug In – Example

The Text Expander plugin is apparently improved version of the plugin by Dragon Design.

This handy plug-in allows you to hide text which expands upon clicking on particular text.

An example is below:

And now you are reading more, because you clicked the previous text and the Text Expander plugin is working.

The code used for this very simple and is shown here